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I would like to thank everyone who placed confidence in me by voting with me.  I appreciate the emails of support and the excitement everyone has held with our possibilities.  I will conscientiously do my best to relieve Nevada of my campaign signs, close my campaign accounts and complete the required governmental paperwork within the next few weeks.


Please accept my greatest appreciation to those of you that continue to drop encouraging emails.  I have not given up on the thought of truthful representation and truly adore the encouragement of a future race…  I am saddened by our loss, but not discouraged or distraught.  It is of utmost importance that ‘We the People’ not allow the silence of our voice.  We have been hushed for too long.  Stand up, think and continue to embrace honesty and truth!   





Campaign Trail PHOTOS!!

My Only TV Commercial - 1 minute

1 minute Radio Commercial

Propaganda/MyMail.jpg Propaganda/ELKOPOCAN2.jpg Propaganda/ELKOPOCAN1.jpg

The first picture above is of the PARTY propaganda in my personal mailbox after being away from home last week.  Picture #2 and #3 are of the Elko Post Office trash cans, stuffed with PARTY trash.  Why do we endorse this behavior, when we cast our vote?

When is enough simply enough?

Polls noticeably indicate that United States citizens are frustrated with their government and the two political parties that control its direction.  We, as citizens of this great nation, need to utilize our individual power collectively and vote to return our voice in government.

Let us step away from the sales pitches of party politicians and activate our voice in the United States Senate.  State representation, by design, is a service to the people, for the people, by the people.

I am running as a Non-Partisan candidate without party ties, party affiliations or party loyalties.

My affiliation is with the people.  My ties are with the people.  My loyalty is to serve the best interests of the State of Nevada.

We (that is you and I) have merely a few weeks left before early voting and the general election.  I am asking for your help.  News has been quickly spreading that many people are not pleased with either party candidate, and the media is doing their best to blanket your choices of candidates by squashing my voice and selling the party system.  I am simply asking you to say “no” to the party and place a check in the box for the people!  State representation is the job function of a Senator, but yet both parties are more enthralled with their opinions.  I ask that you jump over to the neighbor’s house that has decided to give up on America and explain that now is the time to stand up and not lie down.  We are in a war for this country and state.


We may have lost a few decade long battles, but we must stand up, stand strong and take our country back from the parties reign.  Party track records are against the will of the state and the citizens, and we, the voter are mysteriously still spellbound.  I am boldly saying that it is your responsibility as a citizen to Think, Stand-up and Vote!  Your vote is the fulfillment you need to place control back with the people!  I will take the people over the party any day!


It is letters to the editors, general conversations, honest speech and social friend networks that move like the wildfires of Nevada.  I ask that you stand for Nevada and the United States of America and rightfully take back your control of your government by giving us (you and I) your vote.  If you want truth in representation, then you need to put your shoes on, stand up and move those lips and fingers!   

Jesse Holland * P.O. Box 2612 * Elko * Nevada * 89803

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